Small Business SB650M

If you need to do more than just scan checks, Digital Check’s Small Business SB650M scanner can handle checks and virtually any other type of document you may use. Combining elements of a check scanner and a traditional scanner, the TWAIN-compliant SB650M offers an inexpensive way to scan checks for remote deposit while maintaining the image quality and reliability for general use.
The SB650M uses Digital Check’s proven Best Read® MICR technology to deliver the accuracy required for remote deposit capture without the expense of many dedicated check scanners. The SB650M scanner is low-cost and portable, ideal for your small or mobile business.


Capable of accommodating a full-page letter or legal-size document with two-sided scanning in full color, while still small enough to easily fit inside your briefcase or laptop bag. At just 12.5?x3?x2?, the SB650M is among the most compact and energy-efficient full-page scanners on the market.
The SB650M features a magnetic MICR read head for full magnetic MICR reading of E13B and CMC7 MICR encoded checks and documents. It has the smallest footprint of any scanner in the market and is capable of scanning both checks and full page documents with full magnetic reading capabilities.


  • High Resolution, up to 600 dpi Scan Heads
  • Fast and Quiet Scanning
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Fully integrated with Digital Check's API v. 10.0 or later
  • The SB650M is suited for checks, IDs, and full-sized documents
  • The SB650M features a magnetic read head for full magnetic reading of E13B and CMC7 formatted documents
  • The SB650M is a single-feed device
  • Silver Bullet Ranger compliant