SmartSource Adaptive Document & Check Imaging

The SmartSource® Adaptive check scanner is the most flexible MICR-enabled check and document imaging solution available—and is capable of scanning a wide variety of intermixed document types.
Based on the successful SmartSource Series check imaging platform, the Adaptive incorporates many of the proven features first introduced on the SmartSource Professional check scanner and SmartSource Expert Check Scanner models. Standard functionality is the unique track design and unmatched endorsement capabilities on this latest addition to the Burroughs check scanner family.

Superior paper handling has long been a staple in Burroughs products, and this trait was critical in the design of a multi-feed check and document scanner that could flawlessly accommodate different document imaging sizes and paper types. Ease of use was also a key consideration, and extra care was taken to ensure that the entry path for documents was easily accessible and allowed for proper placement of documents for imaging.

Hardware expense is reduced with a device that can handle all check and document imaging needs and redefines application workflow by employing one document entry point into your systems.