Image Clearing Solution

Image Master (Cheque Image Clearing and Truncation System)

Image Master System is specially designed for automating the cheque clearing process of licensed commercial banks. This system minimizes user interference and time required for interbank financial transactions.

This system enables banks to offer better customer services and enhances the operational efficiency by cutting down expenditures in physical clearing.

Inward Clearing

  • Inward CD upload
  • View & Check Inward CD before upload
  • Inward batch creation based on user defined batch size & cheque amount
  • Cheque Repairing (Central clearing department / branch level)
  • Cheque Authorization (Central clearing department / branch level)
  • Inward Batch Delegation
  • Cheque Scrutinization (Central clearing department / branch level)
  • Integrated signature viewing
  • Facility to refer to account branch
  • Identification of duplicate cheques
  • Inward Batch / Branch Progress
  • Outward Return File Generation
  • Additional Day Return File Generation
  • Upload Fund Based Returns
  • Mark Fund Based Returns
  • Auto Completion of Lesser Value Inward Batches (if bank required)
  • Process Additional day
  • Core System linkage (either through API /text file)
  • Data Archival & Retrieval Facility
  • Cheque Search Facility (Cheque no, UI, bank, branch, A/c no, amount, etc.)

Outward Clearing

  • Cheque Image scanning
  • Rescan/Alter cheques
  • Cheque Repairing
  • Batch Confirmation
  • Batch / Branch Progress
  • Identification of duplicate cheques
  • Decentralized Scanning Module
  • Process Additional Day
  • Core System linkage (either through API/ text file)
  • Outward Return (void outward) file upload
  • Data Archival & Retrieval Facility
  • Cheque Search Facility (Cheque no, UI, bank, branch, A/c no, amount, etc)
  • Automatic Image rotation
  • MICR/OCR reading of Inward / Outward Images
  • Cheque amount reading
  • Image clarity checking prior to CD burning
  • Automatic email notification to the account holder for their returned cheque
  • Automatic Cheque Signature Matching