Document Management Solution

DocMAN (Document Management System)

DocMAN allows businesses to control the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents, yielding greater effectiveness and the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents.

The system integrates all essential documents management, collaboration and advanced search functionality into one easy to use solution.

Benefits of Document Management Solution

  • Flexible Retrieval
  • Flexible Indexing
  • Improve, faster and more flexible search
  • Controlled and improved document distribution
  • Improve Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • No Lost Files
  • Digital Archiving
  • Provide tracking of user access to documents
  • Facilitate off-site storage
  • Improve Regulatory Compliance
  • Reduce Storage
  • Tighten security on document access
  • Improve ability to share information
  • OCR Facility for auto Tagging Document
  • User Rights allocation facility
  • Cloud Solution (Optional)
  • Improve Internal Operations
  • Competitive Edge
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction